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ELBOW CUFFS | Digital Download | 3D Files

ELBOW CUFFS | Digital Download | 3D Files

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BDSM Elbow Cuffs
Give your submissive some restraint in this odd position and make sure they can't extend their arms.

4 or 2 bolts needed (M6x25 DIN912)
6 or 4 nuts needed (M6) 2 locking nuts for the hinge part recommended.
Wrist Sizes (Circumference)

14-22cm / 5.51-8.6in
Biceps Sizes (Circumference)

25-52cm/ 9.8-20.5in

You can close it either with a screw or a pin and padlock.
When taking the measurements please take into account that the elbow is flexed and that you add a bit of clearance.
It can be printed in an Ender 3 although some bigger versions can't be printed flat and have to be printed upright at 45 degrees or more. We'll update the files to include the split versions to be printed flat soon.


Minimum Infill 15%
Any layer height up to 0.24mm
Locking pin: >50% infill

If the model doesn't fit in your printer flat, print it upright with a slight angle.


All our products are made of PLA. PLA is a plant based polimer sourced from corn and sugar cane. It's biodegradable and allows great customization

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